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Lining plate : Product description

Lining plate: features and benefits

Lining is a finishing material that helps to protect a certain surface from a variety of mechanical influences. The rubber lining plate is widely used to protect the grinding mill in the mining and processing industry.

Very often, the rocks are the cause of damage to the equipment. In the process, sand, gravel and other small particles come into contact with the equipment, causing damage to parts of the machine. The manufacture of lining plates is provided in order to protect such parts, preventing their rapid wear.

Rubber-metal plates for lining grinding mills are made in accordance with established standards. It is worth ordering the production of lining plates because it will help protect equipment from various kinds of damage.

Lining Advantages:

  • Minimization of noise level (compared with metal products).
  • Resistance to loads of hydroabrasive type.
  • Rubber lining perfectly resists aggressive environments and does not give in to corrosion.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Long term of service life

The manufacture of rubber lining plates is a process that is of a certain complexity. The design of the product most directly depends on the conditions where the operation will be carried out. Installation of plates can be done, both with the help of special lifters, and without them.

In addition, the manufacture of the lining plate can be ordered at an affordable price. As a rule, the cost of a metal lining is much higher than a rubber lining. Consequently, rubber plates are the most effective, affordable and hardy protective equipment for grinding mills in the mining and processing industry.

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