Rubber hoses

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Rubber hoses : Product description

Wear-resistant rubber hoses by "RPE ELAST" LLC are modern alternative to the metal pipelines. These are used to address the problems of complex production process. Our specialists develop the special-purpose rubber grades featuring good wear resistance at handling various corrosive media. Rubber hose durability is provided due to wear-resistant internal layer with thickness specified depending on the pipeline application.


Rubber hose features:

  • long service life;
  • hoses made of rubber allow pipeline laying in the confined installation space;
  • easy installation and dismantling;
  • rubber hose weight is considerably lower than that of metal one;
  • periodic hose maintenance is not required;
  • low thermal losses and reduction in condensate amount on the external hose surface due to the low heat conductivity;
  • vibration and noise pressure reduction;
  • no corrosion


The "RPE ELAST" LLC Company’s technologists perform individual selection of rubber mixture composition depending on operating conditions.