Rubber coverings for livestock sheds

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Rubber coverings for livestock sheds : Product description

One of lines of "RPE ELAST" LLC Company’s activity is rubber covering for every type livestock shed floor. Products are made in form of separate plates, which are assembled in the solid covering similarly to puzzle system. Plate edges are executed as “dovetail” tongue-and-groove system. The special-purpose fasteners provide the secure fixing of covering to flooring underlay.

Dimpled surface adds to prevention of livestock injuries. Mates consist of durable while sufficiently soft and elastic rubber, which provides safety of cow joints.

Covering features:

  • durability, wear resistance;
  • waterproofing capacity;
  • non toxic;
  • nonskid, unpainful and not posing injury risk;
  • optimally adapted to the livestock natural necessities;
  • provides dry stall;
  • acts as shock absorber;
  • resistant to any chemical agents used for the stall cleaning.