Rubberizing of shafts and rollers

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Rubberizing of shafts and rollers : Product description

Rubberizing of shafts


The shafts are coated with a special rubber compound by vulcanization method. This method significantly improve the operational characteristics of the product, increase corrosion resistance, and also counteracts abrasive wear and other adverse external influences. Tested over many years, the technological cycle allows you to cover parts with an ideal layer of rubber, without leaving voids, which eliminates the detachment of the material over time.


Shaft lining advantages:

  • prevent possible damage of the surface reduce decrease noise during shaft operation
  • protect shafts
  • provide the necessary level of grip
  • make the units work more smoothly


To order rubberizing of shafts at “RPE ELAST” LLC in Dnipro means to increase not only the efficiency of the product, but also significantly extend the service life. Production facilities allow to carry out all operations at a high level and with high quality.


Rubberizing of rollers


A roller is a conveyor part that is prone to wear during operation. Damage to the outer coating entails uneven movement of the conveyor belt, as well as constant jamming of the rollers. To exclude these interruptions in the operation of the conveyor, it is advisable to order rubberizing of the rollers.


Rubberizing of rollers will help restore already worn rollers.


The correct rubberizing of the rollers can be done in a specialized company “RPE ELAST” LLC. You can order rubberizing of rollers with high quality and in a short time at any time and in unlimited quantities.