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Lining Lifter : Product description

Lining lifter is reliable grinding mill protection.

Lining lifter is a special protection of equipment used in the mining industry from crushed ores and non-metallic materials. The rubber-metal plate is made of a wear-resistant material that is resistant to temperature conditions.

Production of liner lifters can be ordered at “RPE ELAST” LLC. Here, customers are presented with high-quality lifters that are used as a kind of mill finish. Such elements are necessary in order to protect equipment from corrosion damage and various kinds of mechanical damage.

Features and benefits of using rubber lining lifters

The rubber lifter of the lining is a protection that will help to eliminate premature wear of the grinding mill and its failure. The rubber tread is easy to operate and is characterized by unsurpassed performance. This is precisely the reason why the lining is quite widespread.

Advantages of rubber lifters:

  • Impressive service life.
  • There is a significant reduction of noise vibration inside the production room. Due to this, sound pollution is reduced by 30-50%.
  • Lower energy costs. It takes much less time to start the crushing unit.
  • Reduced consumption of grinding media.
  • Convenient installation and dismantle.

The use of rubber in the mining and processing industry is due to the fact that this material is highly durable, has excellent service life and is not inexpensive. This significantly reduces costs, and increases the efficiency of the workflow.

The manufacture of a rubber lining lifter can be ordered at “RPE ELAST” LLC. Here is a wide selection of branded products at an affordable price.

To buy lifters or other protective rubber products, call our managers or leave a message on the company's website. We will produce the necessary product in the shortest possible time and make it delivered to any mining and processing plant around the world.

“RPE ELAST” LLC do everything so that your equipment does not wear out for a long time and works at the proper level.