Rubber lining of process equipment

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Rubber lining of process equipment : Product description

The ''RPE ELAST" Company manufactures rubber lining for process equipment of any complexity.


Rubber linings provide wear and impact protection for process equipment used at the crushing and concentrating plants: hoppers, chutes, ore passageways, sizing screen sideboards, slurry troughs, discharge troughs, discharge mill spouts, car tippers, transfer units, dump truck bodies, and belt conveyor rollers.


Smooth or finned working lining surface is available.


Rubber layer thickness ranges from 40 to 100 mm.


For rubber lining operation under the impact load conditions, the embedding of metal inserts of high-strength steel into the rubber layer is available.


Rubber lining weight is considerably less then that of metallic one, which substantially reduces installation/dismantling costs.


Rubber and rubber-cord linings

These are made of the wear-resistant rubber and intended for protection of surfaces against abrasive wear and impact loads.


Rubber-to-metal bonded linings

With directly vulcanized metal substrate for equipment abrasion protection.


Rubber linings with metal bars

For absorbing the impact loads.