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Project department

Any order begins with the Design Department of NPP ELAST LLC. The tasks of the department include conducting research in the field of production of rubber products, creating innovative solutions for its own production, and improving the technological process

The design department is one of the main divisions of the enterprise, the distinguishing feature of which is a high professional level, mobility and non-standard technical solutions. Many years of experience of designers and the availability of modern equipment allows us to quickly perform assigned tasks.

When developing project documentation, KOMPAS, SolidWorks software systems are used, which, due to 3D design, allow to reduce design time and ensure high quality drawings.

The design department specializes in providing engineering services for enterprises of various industries:

  • development of a package of technical documentation, according to the technical specifications of the Customer;
  • development of special equipment for the manufacture of rubber goods;
  • development of installation instructions for products, equipment;
  • education and training of the Customer’s personnel in the installation of equipment and products;
  • development of parts and components of equipment of various industries;
  • field supervision of finished products during operation;
  • solution of any technical problems of the Customer.

Our partners appreciate us for an individual approach to each customer.

All technical solutions and innovative developments that are actively used today at NPP ELAST are protected by dozens of patents in Ukraine and Russia.



Rubber lining is one of the most sought-after modern protective elements in the industry. Rubber products are divided in accordance with their purpose and method of production. The production of linings and rubber goods is a rather laborious process.

The lining production scheme includes the following stages:

  • preparation of design documentation;
  • tooling manufacturing;
  • process technology;
  • selection of raw materials that are optimal for a particular product;
  • the production process itself.

The production of rubber linings is organized at the own production base of NPP ELAST LLC with powerful specialized technological equipment.

The installed equipment allows the manufacture of rubber and rubber-metal products weighing from several grams to 500 kg. This ensures uniformity of the properties of rubber throughout the array of products.

Rubber linings for drums of ore-grinding mills are made by injection molding and pressing with a force of up to 1000 tons, which ensures uniform heating of the massive workpiece and uniformity over the entire cross section, which is especially important for increasing wear resistance.

To ensure a high level of products being developed, to improve the manufacturing processes of rubber goods, to introduce innovative technologies, the company has created its own engineering department and an independent quality control department that meets the most modern requirements.

The technical control department is equipped with a full range of laboratory equipment for assessing the quality of incoming materials and components, monitoring the manufacturing process, testing finished products. The equipment of the department allows testing products in static and dynamic modes, at temperatures from -60 ° C to + 200 ° C.

All this allows us to follow all the advanced trends in the production of rubber goods, quickly focus on the needs of partners, create high-quality rubber goods that meet international standards.


Department of Technical Control

As one of the leading enterprises producing rubber goods for the mining and metallurgical complex, NPP ELAST LLC pays great attention to ensuring the high quality of its products.

An independent OTC department was created at the enterprise. The quality control department is an independent entity. Quality control of manufactured products occurs not only at the end of the production cycle, but operationally (from raw materials to packaging of finished products). This is done in order to identify deviations, if any, in the early stages of the production cycle.

Quality issues are a priority both in the production program and in the strategic policy of the enterprise.

The management of NPP ELAST LLC sees its goals in the field of quality in improving the competitiveness of products and continuous improvement of processes, considering the quality management system as the main condition for expanding sales markets, making profits, stabilizing the economic situation and developing the enterprise in the interests of consumers, staff, shareholders , suppliers, society.

In our work, we are guided by the following principles:

  • high-quality raw materials;
  • improving existing technologies in order to increase labor productivity, improving product quality indicators;
  • independent quality control department;
  • work with DHTU in the field of new inventions;
  • ensuring the effective development and functioning of a quality management system in the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO-9001.

Installation supervision

Qualified specialists of NPP ELAST LLC carry out a set of installation supervision services that will help protect the Customer from a number of errors and save his time.

For us, as a supplier of rubber products, this guarantees that the delivered products will be installed in compliance with all technical requirements, as a result of which the equipment will not fail prematurely. And for the Customer it is insurance in case of disputes arising from the quality of the delivered products.

As a result of installation supervision, the following is carried out:

  • acceptance of our products at the facility in order to verify the configuration and identify possible comments;
  • consulting assistance in the installation of products;
  • training of the customer’s personnel on the specifics of working on start-up equipment;
  • preparation of the necessary supporting documentation during the installation supervision and subsequent operation of the equipment.

Field supervision of finished products during operation

Quality control of our products provides for systematic field supervision of the reliability of products during operation.

The purpose of architectural supervision is to ensure that all the requirements laid down in the design documentation by the developer are met, and also to eliminate possible technical flaws.

Architectural supervision is carried out by qualified specialists of NPP ELAST LLC and provides for determining the percentage of wear of a set of mill linings for the reporting period, the reliability of fastenings and the integrity of products.

Based on the results of the supervision, an assessment of the identified defects is carried out, the effectiveness and efficiency of the product are analyzed. If necessary, recommendations are given to eliminate the identified deviations.

In the course of summarizing the data obtained as a result of field supervision, the designers of our company make changes to the design documentation in order to improve the quality of products.


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NPP ELAST LLC is a research and production enterprise that specializes in improving the reliability and durability of mining and processing equipment through the production of special rubber linings and other high-quality rubber products. This is a dynamically developing enterprise focused on modern market demands. Initially, we chose the quality of our products as our philosophy, which is reflected in all areas of the company.

It is quality, as the basis of our work, that has helped NPP ELAST to establish itself firmly in the leading positions in the production and supply of rubber goods for the mining industry. At the same time, we value world experience, using the best achievements of leading world companies and adapting them to existing realities and requirements of domestic industry.

We do not stop there, constantly paying attention to new original developments. We follow the latest trends in industry and everyday life, offering fresh, interesting solutions. Therefore, our products are always relevant and diverse, they are created taking into account the requirements and wishes of our customers.