It is a dynamically developing enterprise aimed at modern market requests. 

Firstly we have chosen the quality of the manufactured products as our main philosophy which is presented in all aspects of our company.

Quality as a principle of our work has helped “RPE ELAST” to take up leading positions in the areas of manufacture and delivery of rubber technical products for mining industry.

Also we value worldwide experience and use the best achievements of leading global companies adapting them to demands of our native industry.

We are not satisfied with what has already been achieved and we always pay attention to new unique developments.

We follow recent industry and everyday life trends and suggest new interesting solutions. That’s why our products are always different and up-to-date created with due regard to demands and wishes of our customers.

“RPE ELAST” LLC produces rubber lining of high quality for protection mining equipment against abrasive wear. Brand “RPE ELAST” found in 2005 became one of the most required and best sold at the markets of Ukraine, Russia, far and near abroad. Own manufacture allows us to improve know-how and vary the range satisfying customers’ demands. Technical solutions which “RPE ELAST” has been using for producing the products are protected by patents of Ukraine and Russia.

Nowadays rubber technical products of “RPE ELAST” allow improving the wearing life of equipment, conserve resources and ensure the safety.

Our awards