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more than10 years of rubber product manufacturing


more than35 large industrial consumers

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NPP ELAST LLC is a research and production enterprise that specializes in improving the reliability and durability of mining and processing equipment through the production of special rubber linings and other high-quality rubber products. This is a dynamically developing enterprise focused on modern market demands. Initially, we chose the quality of our products as our philosophy, which is reflected in all areas of the company.

It is quality, as the basis of our work, that has helped NPP ELAST to establish itself firmly in the leading positions in the production and supply of rubber goods for the mining industry. At the same time, we value world experience, using the best achievements of leading world companies and adapting them to existing realities and requirements of domestic industry.

We do not stop there, constantly paying attention to new original developments. We follow the latest trends in industry and everyday life, offering fresh, interesting solutions. Therefore, our products are always relevant and diverse, they are created taking into account the requirements and wishes of our customers.


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