Rubber lining for autogenous wet-grinding mill

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Rubber lining for autogenous wet-grinding mill : Product description

Complete set of rubber lining is used in the autogenous wet-grinding mills at the grinding stage I (raw ore size of up to 400mm) and includes head lining, discharge end lining (grate, elevator), shell lining and set of fixture elements. Rubber lifter bars include directly vulcanized steel armature.

Shell and end lifter bars are fastened with M42, M48 bolts.

The AWG mill lining features higher section and is available in two designs:

  • with equal-height lifter bars;
  • with alternating high and low lifter bars.

​The lining includes rubber plate and combined rubber-metal lifter bar consisting of wear-resistant rubber directly vulcanized onto manganese steel armature.

Metal component of lifter bar absorbs impact loads and provides the secure fastening of lining.

The rubber component of lifter bar protects lifter bar against the abrasion and tightly presses the rubber plate thus preventing washout. Lifter bars are fastened with M42 bolts.

The used rubber grate offers following advantages:

  • significantly lower wear rate of rubber grate as compared with steel grate;
  • higher process efficiency by the finished product grade yield than that with the use of steel grates;
  • grate self-cleaning capability;
  • rubber grate service life is 1.5 - 2 times as that of steel grate.

​The rubber elevator used for ground product discharge from the mill offers following advantages:

  • simple design;
  • low weight allowing substantial reduction in labor input at assembly and disassembly;
  • tight contact prevents pulp leakage through lining and bolt holes;
  • rubber elevator service life is 2 - 4 times as that of steel elevator.