Rubber-metal lining

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Rubber-metal lining : Product description

Rubber-metal lining is a protective layer made of rubber, which is placed on separate parts of fractional mills. The main purpose of such protection is to exclude various generic corrosion, damage and periodic changes in technology, as well as significantly reduce the load on individual parts.

The use of rubber lining has a definite advantage over metal products. Such protection is not exposed to temperature conditions, and also does not complicate the design of the crusher.
vibration and noise exposure are significantly reduced. Using rubber lining, you can reduce this figure to 30-50%.

Rubber elements of the lining have high operational characteristics, and also significantly increase the efficiency of working equipment.

Using a rubber lining, you can independently evaluate all the advantages of such protection. The crushing mill will work more efficiently and will not need unplanned repairs.

Advantages of cooperation with "RPE ELAST" LLC:

  • We manufacture products exclusively from high quality materials. Buyers may have no doubt that such lining will be used for a long time and not require premature replacement.
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  • Products are delivered to mining and processing enterprise in any corner of the country and world.
  • All products meet established norms and standards, and also have certificates.

Choosing the products of "RPE ELAST" LLC, you can significantly extend wearlife of crushing mill and make work of the equipment more efficient.