Ball Mill Lining

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Ball Mill Lining : Product description

A ball mill is a mechanism that quickly and efficiently converts a large fraction of solid materials into a smaller one.

These mechanisms are used in the mining industry, metallurgy, alumina production and so on.

Mill parts need protection because of the fact that mills are constantly subjected to impact. The rubber lining does an excellent job of extending the life of the mechanism. It significantly extends the life of the chopper parts, and also makes the equipment more efficient.

Rubber and metal-rubber linings manufactured by “Research and Production Enterprise ELAST” are used to protect mining equipment from impact and abrasion.

Advantages of Rubber Ball Mill Lining manufactured by “RPE ELAST”:

  • Protection of metal parts of equipment from corrosion. This helps to significantly extend the life of the mechanism;
  • The lining material is resistant to chemicals, alkalis, acids and other aggressive environments;
  • Small parts of the material to be crushed do not adhere to the surface of the rubber layer. In addition, particles do not fall between the individual parts of the crushing mechanism;
  • Affordable price of ball mills lining;
  • • Long lining life.

Given these advantages, it can be concluded that the lining is an indispensable tool in the process of protecting an expensive crushing mechanism. With this rubber product, the mill will perform its direct functions for much longer, which will also positively affect the performance of the equipment.

To order the lining of ball mills, contact the company “RPE ELAST”. You can do this by leaving a request on the site or by calling the contact phone number. The company's specialists will help you to make an order.